My first sexist art review!

Not that I haven’t been confronted with these types of stereotypes my whole life. Still pretty amazing to read it.

Posted 11 9 2012

  1. goodbyejulia said: Unless it has to do with the intention, process or intervening historical context, gender is irrelevant. Do women have to create under pseudonyms, not just to be taken seriously, but to circumvent this unnecessary discourse? I refuse to accept that.
  2. emmetreads said: The reviewer is, literally, a Dick.
  3. 3dprintmeafucktogive said: Congratulations!
  4. contortedtrees said: puff, it’s sad. keep making your art.
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  6. juophoto said: wow! I love your work Jessica and never once considered that “only a guy can do it” I think you are working in a very modern method and that modernist concept is pan sexual. That you are a human first, artist second, and Canadian third. <3
  7. hbliss said: "Some of my best friends are female formalists." he’s such a prick it’s borderline parody
  8. kvencill said: The dudes name is appropriate.
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    Footnote to nothing: The writer’s name is quite appropriate. "This is the kind of art a guy would make." Yikes.
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